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Top Selling Security Doors

Standard Silver Duty Steel Security Door

Standard Duty Steel Security Door

Fully Configurable

Available in al RAL Colours

Heavy Duty Silver Steel Security Door

Heavy Duty Steel Security Door

Fully Configurable

Available in al RAL Colours

Single Silver Steel Fire Exit Door

Single Steel Fire Exit Door

Fully Configurable

Available in al RAL Colours

Panelled White Steel Security Door

Panelled Steel Security Door

Fully Configurable

Available in al RAL Colours


UK Security Door Supplier


Finding a security door supplier in the UK that you can trust is critical for protecting your property and your loved ones. At Doors4Security Ltd, manufacturing reliable, robust steel doors has been our focus for over 20 years. Since 2001, we have provided top-tier security doors across the UK. Our commitment to quality and service makes us a partner you can rely on.

All our steel security doors are shipped from our headquarters in Cheshire, where we fabricate & finish some a number of our doors. We only utilise the highest-grade steel and advanced construction techniques to ensure our security doors deliver the ultimate protective performance in any situation. In addition to this, our doors come with an adjustable outer frame & multi point locking.

Two Orange Fire Doors
Red Blue and Green Steel Security Door

Our extensive experience ensures that these steel security doors are purpose-built to keep dangers out and your family safe without compromise. We stand behind our products 100% thanks to the rigorous in-house testing and inspection our doors undergo before shipping. You can trust Doors4Security Ltd steel security doors to offer protection through years of daily use.

We take pride in offering our premium steel security doors backed by fast delivery and unmatched customer service at competitive prices across the UK. For nearly two decades, homes, businesses, and organisations across the UK have relied on Doors4Security Ltd steel doors to protect what matters most.

Feel free to reach out today to enhance your security with our durable security doors designed to provide lasting protection.


Security Doors Categories

Fire door Push Handle


Upgrade your existing door with top quality accessories

Single Silver Steel Fire Exit Door

Steel Security Doors

Fully Configurable

Available in all RAL Colours

Double Fire Exit Door

Fire Exit Doors

Fully Configurable

Available in all RAL Colours

Louvered Door with infill panel on right

Louvered Doors

Fully Configurable

Available in all RAL Colours

Silver Personnel Door

Personnel Doors

Fully configurable

Keyless Access Doors

White Panelled Door

Panelled Doors

Fully Configurable internall doors

Available in all RAL Colours

Security Window Shutter

Security Window Shutters

Anti-Vandal Window Security

Available in all RAL Colours

Double Security Door

Double Security Doors

Fully Configurable

Available in all RAL Colours

Steel Doors for Security


At Doors4Security Ltd, we specialise in designing and building robust, protective steel doors encompassing an array of top-tier security steel doors options to suit your specific defensive requirements. We are renowned UK-wide for both our exceptional quality, as well as having a large selection of products:

Our steel panel doors provide a classic look whilst remaining highly secure, fire and noise resistant. A variety of panel style options are available to match your home or facility's design aesthetic.  

Where ventilation is essential, our steel louvered doors optimise air circulation and visibility while preventing intrusions. A range of louver sizes and arrangements are offered, each ensuring we can offer protection with adequate ventilation in a variety of locations.  

Our blank steel door deliver fundamental security for interior or exterior access points requiring no visibility or ventilation. The thick steel construction deters any unauthorised entry attempts. They are not only impossible to bypass, but also allow for a range of hardware such as door closers, locks & handles to be attached depending on door use.

closeup of door
Close up of Security Gate Lock

Securing Your Property Calls for Top Quality Steel Security Gates


Industrial-grade steel gates become essential when seeking to restrict access and bolster perimeter security. However, not all metal gates provide robust protection against intrusions or forced entry attempts. At Doors4Security Ltd, we construct our steel security gates using only the highest 14-gauge steel and precision welding methods. This ensures our gates resist tampering, brute force attacks, and even prolonged assaults by determined intruders equipped with tools to bypass them. Our robust build quality stops trespassers in their tracks.

When it comes to security, there is no room for compromising with shoddy materials or lax manufacturing standards. Our steel security gates assure maximum protection, enduring years of exposure to the elements and persistent attacks.