Pirate Studios


 graffiti in blue and yellow over the brick and a black security door with black sign above it saying pirate studios in white

Pirate Studios is a company who operate a range of sites all over the UK, Europe and internationally. They offer a range of services including recording studios sites, rehearsal spaces for musicians, rehearsal spaces for dance groups and DJ practise studios. Their sites are accessible and used by normal members of the public, aspiring musicians and also international music and dance stars.
Pirate studios approached Doors4Secuirty Ltd back in 2018 to look at producing a door that they could roll out across their sites. They needed a door that would be uniform and allow them the level of access/control they needed to allow staff/customers to gain access to the building, without compromising the security on site.

Pirate studios wanted to use a Codelock CL5510 Smart Lock across their sites. This digital lock has a tubular mortice latch and is suitable for high usage areas. The lock has standard card access and keypad options but also uses smart technology so can be managed via a smartphone and offers controlled entry with NetCodes.

Our normal heavy duty locking security door wouldn’t be suitable as it wouldn’t incorporate the CL5510 Smart Lock so we had to use our heavy-duty blank door and make some alterations. What we had to do is manufacture a template and add a tab on the door blade to suit this lock and incorporate a position for the lock receiver keep on the door frame. After rounds of testing and development we managed to produce a solution Pirate Studios was confident would work across their range of sites.

All Pirate Studios Doors incorporate the CL5510 Smart Lock mechanism and are fitted with 4 heavy duty security hinges, they all have a heavy duty door closer fitted and are powder coated to RAL 9005 Matt black.
Below is an image from one of the various sites we have supplied bespoke doors to for Pirate Studios.

black building with black security door with keypad handle on and pirate studios sign above in white text