Leicester Pattern Wall Mounted Buffer


£30.00 As Standard

Delivery starting @ £12.00

Lead Time: 1-2 Working Days


This new product has been designed for external outward opening hinged doors to prevent the door opening beyond 90 degrees and slamming into walls. It fits to the wall and projects over the door frame to buffer the door; the 90mm projection allows the bracket to be fitted to the adjacent wall so the frame or architrave is accommodated within the angle. It is recommended to fit this product at mid-height on the frame as this spreads the load on the door, but it may be fitted higher to avoid projection into public thoroughfares at child level.

It can be used where a floor mounted doorstop might be considered a trip hazard, or where the bottom of the door is considerably higher than ground level making it infeasible to fit a floor mounted doorstop, such as the Durham Pattern door buffers above. Or it can be used where a door stay or door closer is not desired. Depending on the frame detail, it may also be fitted to the door frame.

The ZLP is manufactured from 4mm thick zinc plated mild steel so is suitable for external use. Standard finish is silver grey paint finish (-SIL). It is also available in Grade 304 stainless steel (-SS). It is supplied complete with a 35mm diameter black rubber buffer (Z035) which is bolted in place. The bracket is drilled four times with 6mm holes countersunk for No.12 screws (not supplied). Care is required when specifying this product as its fixing position close to the hinge axis can create a fulcrum when the door comes into contact with it, especially with heavy doors in windy locations. In these situations, a heavier duty doorstop or door stay should be used.

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All our cylinders for single doors are stored in the top of the door frame in a white fabric bag. For double doors the cylinder and key set can be found in one of the boxes of handles supplied.

All our frames come supplied with side channels that are fitted around the outside of the frame. The side channels expand by winding out the fixing bolts which in turn push the side channels outwards allowing you to expand the frame between the two measurements.

All our doors are designed to open outwards which makes them more secure and weather-proof. If you require the door to open inwards you are required to install the frame the opposite way, this does have an effect on the security and weather-proof aspect of the door. We would recommend adding a rain drip to any inward opening doors being installed externally helping to prevent water ingress.

A blanking plate is a sheet of steel used to cover the handle fixing locations that are pre-cut into our multi-point locking door blades. These are only necessary if you don’t require a lever handle to be fitted, we offer these with or without key access.

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