Push Button Digital Lock


£109.80 As Standard

Delivery starting @ £12.00

Lead Time: 1-2 Working Days

A push button digital lock can be fitted to our steel entry doors, giving the best possible door security for the user. There are 2 methods in which a digital lock can be fitted, either method will require a back plate:

  1. The push button digital locks can be fitted to work in conjunction with our steel doors multi- point locking system; this offers extra security on an already secure door. It allows the customer to have both a multi-point locking system and steel door digital locking system that work independently. An example of where this style of door would be ideal is in an office based in a public place. It allows the door to be unlocked in the day time so only people who know the doors' digital locking combination can gain access but at night time would allow the door to be fully secured.
  2. The digital locks can also be used on our blank steel doors, a digital button lock can be fitted to the door to be the only method of entry and security. This system is ideal for an internal security door, for example in a workshop, where only authorised personnel are permitted entry into a specific area.



All our cylinders for single doors are stored in the top of the door frame in a white fabric bag. For double doors the cylinder and key set can be found in one of the boxes of handles supplied.

All our frames come supplied with side channels that are fitted around the outside of the frame. The side channels expand by winding out the fixing bolts which in turn push the side channels outwards allowing you to expand the frame between the two measurements.

All our doors are designed to open outwards which makes them more secure and weather-proof. If you require the door to open inwards you are required to install the frame the opposite way, this does have an effect on the security and weather-proof aspect of the door. We would recommend adding a rain drip to any inward opening doors being installed externally helping to prevent water ingress.

A blanking plate is a sheet of steel used to cover the handle fixing locations that are pre-cut into our multi-point locking door blades. These are only necessary if you don’t require a lever handle to be fitted, we offer these with or without key access.

Stock items are normally dispatched within 5 working days.

None stock custom orders including fire exits are normally dispatched within 4 to 5 weeks

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We do offer collections, this is currently not available online. You would need to contact the office on 01260 295 996 or send an email to [email protected] with your requirements so we can forward a pro forma.